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Brown Stretch Stripe Recliner Slipcover

Credits to Bellacor

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Brown Stretch Stripe Recliner Slipcover Review

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Brown Stretch Stripe Recliner Slipcover Description

- The Recliner is one piece knit cover with right side handle, left side pocket and continuous footrest - The seat has two elastic loops at the back corners to be pulled through to the back of the recliner - The footrest has pleats at the front corners to help the fabric wrap beneath the furniture - The footrest has two elastic loops that can be tied beneath the footrest - The entire base including footrest has elastic sewn to the perimeter to help wrap under the furniture - The arms have darts at the bottom corners to hold onto the corners of the arm - Furniture covers should be washed first to remove any excess fibers that may be present from the manufacturing process - Stretch Stripe Slipcover Brown - Laundry Instructions: Machine Washable - Measurement: 88 Around Entire Back Sure Fit - 47293377211