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Eva Solo - Orchid Pot - Black

Credits to Amara

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Eva Solo - Orchid Pot - Black Review

Serious? Only 82.00 for the extraordinary planters. I'm gonna purchase one too for my uncle.

Eva Solo - Orchid Pot - Black Description

Brighten up your home with a sleek and clever orchid pot from Eva Solo. Plant your orchid in this self-watering stylish pot, a nylon wick in the base of the pot allows the plant to draw up water as it needs it. The orchid sits higher than the water on a false bottom, ensuring it does not become water logged. Finished in glazed faience, it looks perfect on any windowsill or shelf. Key features: * Material: faience, plastic, nylon string * Dimensions: H15xW18cm * Colour: Black * Self-watering pot * Glazed faience finish