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Flora Magazine File

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Flora Magazine File Review

This is awful, even for 9.95. I made a terrible mistake with this one. Even if OCM is known for quality products I am thinking about selling mine Flora Magazine File.

Flora Magazine File Description

When you want to save course packs or magazines in an attractive; durable way; the Flora Magazine File is the elegant solution.  This upright; do-good organizer repels dust and dirt while keeping your "I need to save that" safe and sturdy.  The raised; flowing embossed detail keeps this from looking like any average organizer.  Add the pop of soft blue on the interior and you'll be amazed that even your guests notice! * Floral pattern embossed on sturdy paperboard over 95% recycled * Sturdy magazine compartment keeps saved editions rigid and fresh * Soft blue interior * Repels dust and dirt * 4"x10"x12"