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Fornasetti - Scented Candle - Flora

Credits to Amara

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Fornasetti - Scented Candle - Flora Review

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Fornasetti - Scented Candle - Flora Description

Fill your home with the beautifully luxurious Flora aroma from this scented candle by Fornasetti. An elegant white floral bouquet inspired by the lush flora that fills the gardens that envelope the Fornasetti house in Milan but also by the floral imagery created by Piero Fornasetti. The stunning image used to decorate the ceramic vessel is the haunting face of operatic muse Lina Cavalieri, in the guise of the mythical fertility goddess 'Flora'. Key features: * Scented candle in decorated ceramic vessel with lid * Fragrance notes: lily of the valley, jasmine, tuberose & sandalwood * Dimensions: H15x011cm * Burn time: up to 60 hours * Size: 300g * 100% vegetable-based wax * Pure cotton wick is biodegradable * Allergen free & contains no pesticides