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Nikon Monarch 7 Binoculars, 10x42

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Nikon Monarch 7 Binoculars, 10x42 Review

I was waiting for this binoculars & scopes for a long time, but I am very satisfied with Nikon Monarch 7 Binoculars, 10x42!

Nikon Monarch 7 Binoculars, 10x42 Description

Built to satisfy the incredible needs of todays serious outdoor enthusiasts, Nikon Monarch 7 Binoculars are equipped with the latest optical innovations and All Terrain Binocular (ATB) rugged performance. The Monarch 7 utilizes Nikons premium ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass and proprietary lens and prism coatings. This system not only pushes resolution and brightness to extreme levels, but also further enhances your viewing experience with an amazingly wide field of view, close-focus capability, and comfortable eye relief. Dielectric Multilayer Prism coatings, which provide an even, high light transmittance across the entire visible light spectrum, are applied to all lens and prism surfaces that transmit light. This technique provides almost the same brightness as that perceived by the naked eye, and clear, high-contrast images that display accurate color reproduction. Monarc.