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Ronix Koal Skimmer Wakesurfer

Credits to Overton's

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Ronix Koal Skimmer Wakesurfer Review

I'm surprised of colors Ronix Koal Skimmer Wakesurfer. Looks different than on image!

Ronix Koal Skimmer Wakesurfer Description

Combing the skate-like feel of a skimboard with the rail design of a classic surfboard, the Koal Skimmer is hand-wrapped in Ronixs new responsive Technora material, making it more reactive than traditional fiberglass. Experience easier shove-its from this board with concave top deck. Designed to be ridden both switch and regular with a semi-twin outline, a machined pad covers the entire top deck. Thinner profile and lighter/dished out surf-constructed deck provide a lively feel on the water. Epoxy resin construction. Koal Skimmer Wakesurfer 4 4 Length: 44" Width: 19.9" Total Surface Area: 783" Rocker Height: 1.7" Tip / 0.2" Tail Fin Type (Qty.) : 1 1.5", 1 2.3", 1 2.9" Hook Fiberglass Fins Rider Weight: For all size ridersKoal Skimmer Wakesurfer 4 10 Length: 410" Width: 21" Total Surface Area: 920" Rocker Height: 2.0".